STEAMY! Northern Soul 2019!!

There were hundreds of passengers enjoying the late Spring sunshine yesterday – and very few volunteers.  To be fair, a Bank Holiday weekend does tend to involve commitments beyond the railway and some of our colleagues were on the trains as passengers anyway!  The hard graft was being done by Dave G and his team of station staff, whilst Steve, Mike, Maurice and I filled in around the edges.  Dave T & Mary plus Bob & Ros are away on holidays whilst John and Ben were mixing it with the hard core rail buffs!

A selection of phots which need little narrative:20190525_095423


Familiar colleagues!




A new acquaintance (above) and an old friend (below) !


….. and some odd glimpses:

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Consulting the map of the Racecourse Station?

And what did we workers do whilst all this fun and merriment was going on? “…… we do what we can. We keep off strangers and the foolhardy; and we train and we teach, we walk and we weed.” Having featured the container plants in last week’s blog here’s a tribute to the ‘new’ garden on Platform 2.

  20190525_09034920190525_09034120190525_090326You can, I hope, see the adverse soil conditions and generally inhospitable environment which makes Bob & Ros’s efforts all the more commendable.  Even if Platform 2 isn’t in use it’s nice for passengers to see this as a backdrop.

From an income point of view I hope the trains over the long weekend remain just as busy – from a staff point of view perhaps a little quieter!



2 thoughts on “STEAMY! Northern Soul 2019!!

  1. Wonderful on platform 2, great effort brings great results. Yes it was busy, never got off the trains as i could have lost my seat! good for busuness this weekend and well done you guys for sticking it out!
    Paul & Marion


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