18 May – Hosta La Vista, Baby!


A good turn out of 10 volunteers was in evidence today – usefully for the prep ahead of next weekend’s Festival of Steam – including Dave T, Bob, Wiley, Maurice, Andy B, Andy M, Steve, John, Mike.

Mary wasn’t present so I decided to feature the excellent tubs of flowers which she (and others) tend so carefully and which add much to the colour of the Racecourse Station:



Wiley was busy with me throwing out more scrap – when he wasn’t gobbling up the cakes:20190518_112526

How to you get to eat this much and stay slim? Youth I suppose!

Elsewhere several parties were busy on grass cutting and weeding including  a stint from Andy B on the steep embankment with a battery powered strimmer:20190518_122907

Luckily Maurice was down below (out of shot) collecting the debris.  John, meanwhile, has kindly taken an old bench recovered from the arches store and upcycled it; here he is trying it out:20190518_112510

Great work!

Dave T was tending the new hedge whilst Steve helped me put some crowd barriers in place, fixed a leaking loo and then strimmed some of the unwanted weeds on P1 embankment.  Andy M billygoated the considerable amounts of debris from Platform 2 – which will be in use again (hurrah!) next weekend.  Bob fitted in a quick stint watering the P2 gardens prior to time away and Mike maintained the allotments garden with the same treatment.

Dave G was absent at a meeting but  here’s the final paint scheme for  the main gates:


Not really, final coat to go on later in the week I presume!  (And the observant will have spotted 2 x 5 Sainsbury’s jam doughnuts waiting to be admitted – vital rations for the troops at tea break.)

So, I think we can be fairly confident the all will be shipshape and Cheltenham fashion by next weekend.



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