11 May – P&O Special

A nice if cool start with a small number of dedicated volunteers on display: Dave T, Ben, Mary, John, Paul and Mike.  The Racecourse was buzzing with events including the British Heart Foundation Cotswold Cycle Ride, some sort of camping/caravanning event and an organised walk.  So that by 0815 when I arrived there was some chaos – which only got worse as the morning wore on!

However, the trains – as per normal – ran on regardless. And one welcome visitor was P&O, splendidly impressive as usual. So, rather than the usual pictures of the usual personalities engaged in the usual activities here’s some of the station with P&O in action:20190511_10462320190511_104619.jpg20190511_10444820190511_10443220190511_104420

 I hope these give a flavour of what it was like.

And meanwhile, Mary was weeding the beds on Platform 1, John and Dave were taking a strategic look at the gardens and other vegetation, Mike was keeping the pine needles in their proper place (as well as conversing with someone from Georgia who was sympathetic on the same topic), Paul had made a fine job of cutting the grass whilst Ben and I did various jobs around the storage issues and watered our new pine trees.

Also, gratifyingly, colleagues from B&S etc were busy doing some major maintenance tasks for us – including the new fence and gate at the end of Platform 1 as well as improving the location for one of our passenger benches which has tended to sit in a rather unattractive puddle during wet weather conditions.  Thanks for all your efforts gents.



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