4 May – Bank Holiday Blues!

It all started off so badly! First, I couldn’t get access to the Station Car Park – the Racecourse staff at the races last night had locked the gate with the wrong padlock: Jockey Club not GWSR.  Second, the loos were allegedly blocked again (despite Mr Carr’s hard work last week – fake news!?).   Third it was too damp to do any Billy Goating – as the leaves and pine needles were all stuck to the platform!!  And fourth, for quite a while, no other volunteers turned up.

So I borrowed a very helpful security person’s key, made sure the loos weren’t actually blocked, removed what debris I could and waited for everything to dry off – and lo, colleagues arrived to assist, namely Steve, Ben, Mike, Andy M and Bob.  There were too many absentees to count!

It’s that time of year when everything appears to be growing – the things you wont and the ones you don’t!  Here’s our 2-year old hedge on the P1 embankment looking suitably lush and vigorous and desperately trying to outgrow the weeds.



Steve is just visible trying to keep the green stuff in check.

Elsewhere Ben and I put all the World War 2 stuff up in the loft for another year under Bob’s careful guidance, removed some more razor wire and finally finished the arches store area.

Andy M was engaged in the final stages of paint removal from the hut – see many earlier blogs – whilst Mike swept, made the refreshments and kept up his role as temporary, deputy, assistant vice-chief of gardens.

Oh, and there was a nice shiny engine on view in the sunshine:





So, it didn’t turn out so badly after all.



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