29 Apr – Tidy Up and Pump Out!

It was a lovely afternoon to be working at the railway and only a shame that our ‘Wartime in the Cotswolds’ passengers didn’t enjoy the same over the weekend.  Nonetheless, people seemed to be in the spirit of things and the railway seemed busy (the advantage of advanced ticket sales!) and hopefully it was all good for business.  Less positive was the apparent issue with the toilets and our trusty Klargester waste disposal system – of which more later.

However, this afternoon was busy with 12 volunteers including your truly plus Dave T, Mary, Dave G, Ian, Chris, Roger, Dick, Maurice, Mike, Bob and Ros.  First task was to undress the station – here’s a couple of our stalwarts engaged in debunting (is that a word?):20190429_131345

And half-way through the job:20190429_131405

(I think there may be a Brexit metaphor in this picture but I’ll refrain so don’t send any suggestions!)

Anyway, the job was done, normal maintenance resumed and we were treated to a variety of visitors:

First a train turned up with Mr Carr at the controls to remove the WW2 paraphernalia: UXBs, sandbags, camouflage netting, old ARP wardens etc etc.

Second Elliotts arrived to remove the skip (see above picture).

And third the ’emergency services’ rolled in (with Mr Carr in tow) to mend Kenny the Klargester – who had a bad case of indigestions due, apparently, to not being emptied in the close season.  Anyway, after Neil’s ministrations he was alleged to be feeling a lot better.



There are so many potential comments which might be applied to these pictures I felt it better to refrain (again!).  Let it not be said that our faithful Operations Manager is afraid of getting his hands dirty and, for the record, he doesn’t receive any extra pay for such ‘unpleasant duties’.   Many thanks Neil.




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