29 Apr – Wartime in the Cotswolds (Again!)

A visual feast is in store today since Mary took some pictures (all the best ones!) and there was much going on at the Racecourse Station.  She, Bob and Ros were on ‘ticket inspection’ (or pseudo-ARP wardens) plus other helping duties whilst Dave T, Steve and Dave G engaged in more general station maintenance.  I didn’t spot anyone else doing normal stuff but rumour had it that Wiley was prowling with his camera on ‘official’ PR and I happen to know that Ben is on shop duty tomorrow.

So here’s some snaps of what transpired:

P1060062Digging for Victory in John’s vege plot!


Waiting for the Eggspress?


Bunting flying wildly in the gales!

Some of our allies apparently?


A more faithful ally perhaps!

However, just so readers don’t think we were all having fun, dressing up etc this is the week’s unearthed item – vintage oil can about to be re-purposed as a watering can for seedlings (after a good wash out).


And finally, this is not Steve’s bike but one of the props – an allegedly wartime machine (looks newer than Steve’s actually!).20190427_110411

Regards, and remember there’s a war on!