20 Apr – Move over Time Team!

Easter celebrations rather reduced our volunteer numbers this morning – as some of the faithful were away on egg hunts and other similar pursuits.  As such, full shifts were carried out by Ben, Wiley, Steve, Terry and Mike, with Dave G as Stationmaster plus a brief appearance from Dave T (also on family duties).

It was, of course, remarkably sunny and warm so that working outside was a real pleasure.  Shame 3 of us spent most of the morning under the arches.  Adding to the sense of isolation and confinement was the brief glimpse of trains through the razor wire:20190420_104717


You might at first glance, think that we had just begun to tidy up rather than having spent the last 10 weeks doing so! All I can say is that the Augean Stables were only just on the same scale.

Anyway, here’s the same keen duo enjoying a brief snack around 1100.20190420_111323.jpg

Irritatingly, Wiley (in the foreground) admitted that he was 5 years old when the first renewed services ran through the Racecourse Station in 2003.  Get some time in!

Fortunately, some of the more venerable and long serving volunteers were around to identify this bit of discarded memorabilia which dates from that same period:20190420_111313

However, colleagues failed to suggest what this unearthed object was:20190420_150651.jpg

Yellow/orange in colour, hard, seemingly ‘crystalline’ and quite dense.    All suggestions gratefully received.

It was good to see that the Station was busy with visitors old, young and in between.  Though not, I imagine, as busy as we may be next week for the  annual ‘Wartime in the Cotswolds’ extravaganza.  Tin hats on everyone!



One thought on “20 Apr – Move over Time Team!

  1. The crystalline object, far from being something from another planet far, far away, appears to be a lump of Quartz. Not valuable but rather pretty when used in gardens.
    Regards, Paul, and keep digging – you might find a Roman relic next time!!


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