15 Apr – Fair of Face?

It might be an exaggeration to say that the Monday gang are ‘fair of face’ but they were looking pretty reasonable (for their ages!) this afternoon and comprised: Dave T, Dave G, Mary, Ian, Maurice, Roger, Andy M and Mike.

For a change I won’t just bore readers with tale of skips but celebrate the blooming nature of our spring vegetation.  Here’s a sight normal visitors don’t often see: our composting area at the top of the Platform 1 embankment:


The dustbin – just visible on the right hand side is full of telegraph pole ceramic insulators.  We’ve tried to compost these but they just don’t rot down and so have been recovered and are now destined for grateful recipients elsewhere on the railway.


Looking the other way is what is known as Ben’s chicane, since he was mainly responsible for putting in the paving slabs around the tree trunk.  Useful to prevent the more bullish volunteers speeding towards the ticket office with their wheelbarrows (or their Zimmer frames!).

Amongst other activities today were garden weeding, indoor painting, rubbish removal, sweeping, attempted fitting of the new ‘hearing loop’ (unsuccessful apparently) and hut paint stripping.

All very pleasant in the warmish conditions.  That said it has been quite dry – to the extent that plant watering has, once again, become a regular feature of Racecourse Station duties; it only seems a week or two since it all was waterlogged.

I won’t be going in on Wednesday since the staff might be ‘full of woe’ but I expect to return to see the Saturday troop ‘work hard for a living’!  As per usual.




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