13 Apr – Pot Luck!

Aladdin has his cave, Pandora had a box and Cheltenham Racecourse Station has a store under the arches of the Evesham Road bridge.  My apologies if the theme of these blogs is becoming repetitive but I’m afraid the focus of my current activity is such that I don’t get around the Station enough to properly record everything else which is going on.

Anyway, the contents of the heaps of stuff does seem to throw up the occasional blog comment – even if they are mostly along the line of “You’re not throwing that away are you!”.   No-one, I note (with just the faintest hint of bitterness), ever says “Great job you’re well shut of that lot”!  Just joking, and for the reassurance of interested parties, everything is pretty well scrutinised and picked over by a local team of semi-professional hoarders.  And then the rest of the GWSR is invited to come and review the whole lot in situ before we actually dispose of anything.  This morning, for instance, there were takers for several redundant 13A plugs, an old plastic jug (500ml capacity), some table legs, a door and several handfuls of large size washers. And no prizes for guessing  what seems to the most overused phrase anywhere on the Station: “That might be useful – sometime!”

Meanwhile, train services continue apace in the sunshine and the fact that I am spending most of my time at the bottom end of Platform 1 does allow me to focus on an area of the Station which I didn’t much visit previously, except to pass through.  As such, I’ve observed the sterling efforts of the Water Tower team who are at CRCS but not really of it.  So here’s my brief tribute to them and the train staff who were busy entertaining the viewing public by rehydrating the first train of the day:





They obviously have a penchant for certain types of head gear – probably caused by working in the shade of the cutting for most of the year!

And, as per usual, the remainder of my colleagues (Steve, Ben, Dave T, Mary, Terry, Bob, Ros and Andy B) were hard at it gardening, tidying and cleaning.  Also unsung (and these days unphotographed) volunteer heroes!



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