6 Apr – Chain Reaction?

It look like being a disastrous start to the day!  I was first at the Racecourse Station, whizzed through security, opened the car park gates and hurried to the main gates to get cracking.  Unfortunately my trusty key snapped in the lock and, for several minutes, it looked like there would be a difficult conversation with the day’s Station Master since it was impossible for passengers (or anyone else for that matter) to enter the Station!  Luckily the broken half had engaged the lock and after some fiddling with a screwdriver (ably assisted by the Booking Office Clerk) the thing pinged open.  Phew!

So, the usual crew (Dave G, Dave T, Mary, Bob, John, Ben, Steve, Maurice and Mike (and Andy B) were able to continue their tasks unaffected.  We had another skip delivered during the week so priority one was getting the ‘junk’ up from the Platform to the Malvern Road end of the Ticket Office.  Much care was taken with skip packing (after our previous issue) and we left spare room for anything else we find which hasn’t managed to find a use in the last 25 years.


Here’s our leader carefully sifting through the heap and making sure we don’t get rid of the sign boards (mainly ex-Snow Hill I believe) which a GWSR heritatge group has claimed.  Other treasures included a 40ft plastic banner (RACING POST, ex-Cheltenham Festival of yesteryear) which will from today cover someone’s compost heap.  And once again some of our scrap wood will be burning in a Prestbury log burner rather than  a bonfire.  So don’t say we aren’t trying to upcycle stuff and protect the environment!

Here’s a contingent on a rather crowded P1 at about 1100 as the crew of 2807 were trying to get a water fill, we were busy sorting scrap and others were busy on their own duties…thumbnail_20190406_104106[2]


I known Mary, Bob and John were gardening.  At other times both Daves were supervising and sorting out important station matters, whilst Steve also mowed the ‘lawns’ and Bob (thankfully) set about replacing the lock that some clot had tried to wreck!

And ignoring the various vintage tools, valuable scrap metal and reuseable banners  our prize find of the day was……..thumbnail_20190406_120736[1]

I’ll get this on eBay shortly and hopefully someone will bid for it.  A unique, late 20th century item of domestic infrastructure; stylish, versatile and has an impressive patina. Book early as Sir Fred used to say!



2 thoughts on “6 Apr – Chain Reaction?

  1. Phew, thought you were going to say you’d chucked those sign boards for a minute then! Glad it’s been re-rescued and hopefully some attention given to them now for suitable display somewhere. Happy to lend a brush if required1 😉



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