30 Mar – The Fog is Lifting!

This was the scene which greeted us at 0815 this morning at the Racecourse  Station:20190330_082156[1]

And it was 3C!  So resisting the ‘advice to self’ to get there a bit later I dumped the refreshments (jam doughnuts) in the Ticket Office and got the Billy Goat out.  Which proved to be as reluctant a starter as some of the volunteers!  However, it warmed to its task (and so did I) sufficiently that by the time 2807 strolled in at 1030 everyone was happily basking in the sunshine on a spick and span platform.  And for a change I will indulge the keen reader with some ‘up close and personal’ shots:20190330_104551[1]




Certainly looks the part!

On the more mundane side (though who could be mundane on a glorious morning like this!) 8 of my colleagues were being busy bees: Bob, Steve, Dave T, Mary, Maurice, John, Ben and Mike. Plus the Water Tower gang and a team from Lineside Drainage.  Amongst other things gardens were maintained, rubbish swept away and rats poisoned (we hope!).



And stores were being cleared of rubbish – another Forth Bridge this task!

So, after a slow start to the season, the number of passengers seems to be climbing steadily; the fog is certainly lifting in more ways than one.



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