25 March – Monday Maximum!

There were an astonishing 12 volunteers at the Racecourse Station on Monday afternoon – a record I believe.  Assuming I counted everyone, there was: Dave G, Dave T, Mary, Bob, Ros, Mike, Ian, Chris, Roger, John, Dick and self.  I won’t list every task but suffice to say the great weather was very encouraging to us, to the flowers and to the weeds!


As usual it’s beginning to look a bit dry in some of the flower beds – why does it never seem to rain in reasonable quantities at regular intervals?!

20190325_144108The observant may spot the replacement conifers at the rear of the Platform 2 embankment; they’ll soon be shedding needles on the track no doubt!

20190325_144100… and may have noted that many of the signs (as above) have had a fresh coat of paint for the new season.  Or indeed a fresh everything!


This fire was last week but I failed to include it.

I noted a good deal of gardening, some jet washing, painting and sweeping up plus, of course, lots more clearance work.

Long may the Spring weather last.


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