23 March – Scraping and Scrapping!

A healthy turnout (the numbers were healthy – whether the volunteers were entirely so is a different matter!) this morning on an increasingly Spring-like day.  I noted Bob & Ros, Dave T, Mary, Ben, Wiley, Steve, Maurice, Mike and Andy M.  As usual I was preoccupied with my own tasks and may not have noted what everyone was doing but I am sure they were all hard at it!

Bob and Ros took off to Platform 2 to cultivate ‘their’ garden – which provides an increasingly attractive backdrop for our Platform 1 passengers.  Meanwhile Mary was doing her usual valuable stint removing the weeds from the much more established gardens on P1.  Mike ‘swept’ down to the allotment area, watered the vegetable plot and swept back again!  Then made the tea.

Close by Ben and I did some clearance in the Klargester pit – which is not the unpleasant environment one might suppose. Indeed apart from the odd gurgle one wouldn’t know that anything was going on.20190323_083847

Removal of weeds was our main priority – it’s amazing how the damp (rainwater only!) gritty base provides a great growing medium for our local perennial nasties. We also scraped away the winter accumulation of moss and other rubbish from the brickwork. Steve was busy lawn mowing – another sign of the improving weather – and watering the new pines – replacements for those trees felled in the autumn.

Later the youthful contingent (Ben and Wiley) provided some muscle power to shift ever more of the scrap metal out of the arches and prepare it for re-cycling.


Amongst the hidden ‘gems’ are an old desk, any amount of rusty Dexion racking and the odd ammunition box (empty!).


Maurice was also on hand to assist by removing the rather unsightly orange screening which has been in place for some time; more for the re-cycle pile.


I don’t know what Andy and Dave T were doing but I am sure it was useful!!

And the best thing – no requirement for the Billy Goat – must have been a calm week.




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