17 Mar – Windy!!

There was little opportunity for taking pictures this Saturday – the phone (or camera) tended to be blown out of your hand.  Mary, gardener-in-chief this morning, was having grave difficulty watering the plants on the P1 slope as the water kept blowing everywhere but into the pots!20190316_093659

Also in attendance were Dave T, Dave G, Bob, Ben, Wiley and Steve – lots of missing volunteers!  It was, of course, the weekend after the Cheltenham Festival so some may have been resting after their exertions on crossing duty or whatever.  Others may not have fancied the mild mayhem which is required to get the Station straight for normal services to be resumed.

First, lots and lots of litter.  A couple of sweeps of the platforms and the embankments removed the majority but with that wind blowiing a new batch arrived soon after.

Second, track ‘debris’.  Normal rules of etiquette are sometimes disregarded by Festival train users – possibly because of the amounts of alcohol consumed!  So the track bed between platforms was littered with small ‘presents’ which will, I suppose gradually degrade through natural processes but in the meantime look rather unsightly even when covered with trak ballast.

Third, there were several items of infrastructure to put back into their normal places: benches, crowd barriers etc. Plus trying to make sure the portable loos didn’t blow over – a worrying thought!

After which ‘quiet introduction to the new season’ we could get on with the normal running of the Station.

Having found a £10 note last year (or was it £20?) I was on the hunt during the tidy up.  Sadly this was the only item of interest – found by the fence!20190316_091754

The suggestion that these actually belonged to one of the Daves was quickly dismissed and the true owner – if they still want them – should contact the Racecourse Station staff!


The above was, of course, taken earlier in the week.







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