9 Mar – New Seasoning

There is always a sense of anticipation when the first train of the new season is due to arrive – if only to remind us what we have forgotten to do!  It was, seemingly, entirely glitch free and since Dave Griffin was in charge, we shouldn’t be surprised.  Ben was in the shop as well and Dave T was away at a P&O meeting so it was just us workers in charge of the asylum today!  I saw John, Bob, Mary, Steve, Andy B, Andy M, Maurice and Mike.  There was also a contingent from our friendly neighbourhood B&S gang plus, of course, the water tower crew.

Started off fairly inclement but brightened considerably by lunchtime so that it was quite pleasurable lying on the embankment whilst Bob did the work of fitting a new cover for one of our water points:unnamed[3]

Elsewhere, various tidying jobs were completed – both for our own services and ahead of the Cheltenham Festival.  I noticed that somewhere on the GWSR communications this week a person, who will remain anonymous, described this period as a gentle introduction to the new season.  Well, not at the Racecourse Station it isn’t, since the place is a hive of activity with buildings going up, vehicles charging around and horses imminent!

Having said the weather was fine it was a mite windy and Mary, who had been busy getting the weeding underway, was apparently  blown away before tea break, luckily only after I had taken a snap or two:

And after months of wandering at will on a trainless track, it was good to note that dayglow jackets were back in fashion:

Of course you cant afford to look to clean and tidy otherwise someone will assume you haven’t been working hard enough! (Andy M scores most point on this one!)


The heavy mob from B&S were busy filling in the cracks which had appeared in the slope down to Platform 1.  I say ‘cracks’ though sometimes I worry that these are long thin sink holes into which the whole station is slowly disappearing.  Or rabbit burrows – where the former inhabitants are making use of the materials poured in!?  The do seem to appear with some regularity and take a deal of filling.

Also good to see John’s early season efforts are ‘bearing fruit’ – looks like a bumper crop in the pipeline.


And finally (as someone used to say) here’s the first train of the day arriving backwards:




One thought on “9 Mar – New Seasoning

  1. That person who said that tender first engines were going backwards wouldn’t be Sir john Betjemin would it?
    Regards, Paul AKA stblazey1925.


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