Count Down to the 2019 Operating Season

Tim is on leave at the moment and Bob Stark kindly produced the following blog post:

Dear Bill,
A mixed bag of news. Quality rather than quantity was the message of the day with just Dave(G), Stephen, Dick, Mike, Maurice and Ros and I on parade.That said a lot was achieved.
Stephen “Billy Goated” Pl1 whilst Mike and Dick cleared the ramp.
Stephen also dug out the weeds between the Platform 2 edging stones and helped me put all the spare and old signs up in the attic for inside work another day.
Dave was setting up all the admin “stuff” for our opening next weekend and Maurice cleaned the lantern glasses on the ramp and platform 1.
Ros and I scrubbed the wall of the T Office nearest the telephone box then jet washed it all down – it now looks quite respectable!
I also managed to clean the glass on the tall lampost by the gate and cleaned the lens on various CCTV cameras around the site.
A useful morning’s work by “the few” and, on the surface, it seems we are all ready to go next weekend.

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