23 Feb – Welcome Visitors!

The day started with some bad news – our contractors had declined to take the skip away!  On the grounds that it was too full of stuff and that scattering razor wire across the roads of Gloucs might be unacceptable.  Fair enough really – so Steve and I set about repacking and the contrast is noticeable:



I think we should get an award for best packed skip of 2019!  Hopefully, however, this will be the last we see of the contents.

Anyway with that gloom lifted we progressed on to further renovations.  There was an absence of Daves today – not one to be seen anywhere – so we relied on Steve for direction, with helpful contributions from Mike, Terry, Maurice, Wiley, Ben, Bob and 2 x Andys.

Next weekend will be required to make the place ship shape for our first services of the season so today was almost the last opportunity to do some passenger-free work.  As such, here are the new outside ‘TO’ noticeboard painted by Dave G, installed by Bob and Steve plus the new window glass installed by Bob.

Thanks to Bob for the narrative and the pictures.  Doesn’t the glass reflect well!

One Andy (B) was busy installing power to the Hut –  which should provide welcome respite for the Racecourse Festival crossing monitors.


And meanwhile the other Andy (M) was assisting in the arches store renovation project:IMG_20190223_114258

Is that a halo I see before me? Saint Andy?

Another positive aspect of the day’s ‘ongoings’ was a very welcome visitor in Mick Best, seen here advising Terry and Maurice:IMG_20190223_114255

You’re looking good, Mick, we’ve missed you and we all hope to see you back in harness soon!

As you may have gathered the Spring-like weather had brought more than just the bulbs out and the Station is beginning to look good, even with (or perhaps especially because of) the wagons parked up:IMG_20190223_120947



Regards and someone else will have to write the blog next week as I’m on hols.



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