16 Feb – Still Skipping!

A fair morning and a fair morning’s work to be honest.  Luckily, last week’s stalwart team of volunteers (Steve, Dave G, Mike, John, Bob, Maurice & Terry) was reinforced by the youth element: Ben and Wiley and the young at heart (Dick and Andy B)!  This allowed us to continue with the weekly tasks of making the station tidy (only 3 weeks to first train), to keep up the bench refurbishment programme, to fix some ailing lights and to redouble our efforts on pre-bridge inspection clearance.

Here’s some samples of what we are wading through – do they come in the ‘might potentially have been useful’ category or the ‘objects of historic interest’ category?


Anyway, they’re now in the skip category! Along with lost of other stuff: including, amongst other things, miles of razor wire, lots of plastic fencing and dozens of shuttering boards.IMG_20190216_115819

The might still be useful category is still pretty large and one of our number said he could see a use for this old door:IMG_20190216_115837

Never let it be said that we don’t try to recycle, upcycle or generally preserve stuff!

Anyway, only one more entirely clear weekend before we start thinking about putting everything back on the platforms and really smartening the place up.

Spring is in the air…



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