9 Feb 19 – More of the Same!

It was another groundhog day really.  Cool but not too cold, windy, damp and rather low on volunteer numbers.  Bob popped in briefly to do some much needed maintenance on the Platform lighting whist Dave G was in the warm (lucky chap!) painting up the benches:

IMG_20190209_121416Always a very professional job!

Elsewhere, John was doing some early season gardening and, I gather, fitting a new fridge in the ticket office.

Others were evident on the track bed – with a visiting team doing some preparation for the main drains to be ‘spring cleaned’.  Thanks guys.

Main effort, however, was with the hard core team of Steve, Maurice, Terry and self on further clearing out of the archway store (Racecourse Station’s equivalent of the Augean stables – although come to think of it we are lacking a Hercules).  This initially started as an effort to reveal all the brickwork – so that the bridge can be inspected.  However, after we’d done that it seemed an opportune moment (ie it was long overdue!) to clear out some of the stuff stored in there.  Now, I am quite sure  that it was all stored with the thought that it might one day be useful – and some of it definitely has been – but the collective view is that we (the Railway) have moved on and what once we might have countenanced doing by ‘self-help’ is now much more likely to be work of a professional or contractual nature.  So, I think it is now fair to throw out the broken doors, the rusty metal desks and some of the miles of razor wire.  Hence, multiple trips up and down the platform carrying heavy objects! Plus ca change!

There were a few surprises including what must have been a very tricky achievement by a highly security conscious bird:IMG_20190209_113517

Anyway, we still have much to do and our target date of getting it all straight again by Cheltenham Festival Week remains as ambitious as………………………..as an easy Brexit!

Some of the team taking a well deserved break:







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