I was, sadly, prevented from attending Saturday morning’s session due to foreseen circumstances – namely being snowed in!  As such the text and pictures below are courtesy of colleagues Dave T, Mary, Bob and Wiley – for which efforts many thanks.  Any mistakes or misattributions are entirely my own!

It seems that, in addition to the above contributors, only Stephen and Andy B made it in – probably for the same weather-related reasons as yours truly.  However, they recorded some interesting developments at CRCS which are evident in the following:IMG_5704

Wagons aplenty have been parked up at the Racecourse to facilitate inspections of bridges and other essential maintenance work.DSC00265

Not sure Platform 2 has looked this busy – ever!

Andy was repairing the platform lights  whilst Bob cleaned the glass on the two under repair and also finished off a bit of the UPVC cladding around the door frame of the visitor’s entrance.IMG_0631

Mary was busy clearing the dead grass from the vicinity of our veg patch/allotment whilst Dave T and Steve had bonfires.  Wylie assisted wherever required and everyone ‘admired’ the rolling stock.

Overall, it was pretty chilly whilst the remaining snow and ice precluded any more major endeavours.  Mary kindly sent a couple of scenic shots from early morning:


Lovely place, Cheltenham Racecourse Station!

Back in person next week (I hope)!


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