26 Jan – Racing Uncertainty

It was a race day today, and numerous volunteers were on family duty, so numbers were restricted.  Bob put in a brief appearance on ‘special duties’, Dave G was busy on the eternal round of painting benches, doors, signs etc and the remainder (Ben, Wiley, Andy, Steve and self) were, as per last week, exclusively on clearance duties underneath the arches, where we dreamed our dreams away. (Sorry – difficult to resist that one)

So busy were we that I only managed one photograph and a murky one at that! IMG_20190126_111519.jpg

There is ample scope for a caption competition here – but I doubt many of the entries would be publishable!  Suffice it to say that contained within this picture is one of the largest tools I have ever seen.  However, don’t worry it isn’t going in the disposal pile!

That said, much wood, scrap items of all kinds and general rubbish were removed and will be recycled, upcycled or appropriately disposed of.  All so that the people coming to inspect the bridge can get access to the arches brickwork.  Nonetheless, it is a great opportunity to clear out some of the decades of debris and leave behind a clearer, tidier and safer working environment.

Here’s to a better day’s weather next week.