19 Jan – Skipping with Joy!

It was a dreich old morning that’s for certain; a chill wind blowing across the Racecourse, rain in the air and a certain mid-winter malaise. As such it was good to see Dave T, Mary, Bob, Andy B, Steve and John in sterling form and up for some heavy lifting.  And for once we were all focused on the very same task – clearance within the archway storage area to allow bridge inspection.

To that end our leader had procured us a skip – alongside the Ticket Office – and we simply had to decide what could be thrown out and get it up from platform level.  I say ‘simply’ when in reality there is nothing easy about barrowing metal, wood, plastic, wire, hardcore etc etc up and down the slope. Well perhaps it’s easy the first time but after the 10th – can I please start raking down the embankment again!

However, having got the slight whinge out of my system, there was definitely something cathartic about heaving stuff out.  Here’s Mary doing her bit:


And here’s the skip a little later in the morning:img_20190119_121143

Don’t worry – it’ll be gone long before 9 March!

And as a result of these Herculean labours we had to have an extra long tea break:img_20190119_111836

You might think, from the apparent solemnity of the expressions, that it was a wake – perhaps the volunteers shown were troubled by the thought that some of the things we have skipped might just come in useful one day!  I think I’ll just nip out and have a final look through……..


Sonny Hammond (you have to be of a certain TV generation and others may need to Google that to know who he is/was!)