12 Jan – Winter Warming!

There is, of course, nothing like a bit of vigorous exercise on a cold morning for a winter pick-me-up!  The only downsides are the creaking joints, strained ligaments and sore muscles – symptoms of an ageing workforce!

Anyway, whatever the consequences there was a turn out of 10 this morning including Bob & Ros, Dave T, Dave G, Wiley, Steve, Mike, Mary, Dick and self.  Slight variations in the team but the tasks remain similar – largely vegetation clearing and maintenance.  So whilst Mike and Dick were engaged in their usual sweeping up the winter debris, Mary was getting in some early gardening preparation.  Dave G had a meeting with GWSR Events Organiser to review the role of the Racecourse Station in the 2019 programme.  Dave T was engaged in some ivy removal – standing precariously half way up (or down!) the steepest gradient of the Platform 1 embankment.  Bob was on signage and then assisted Ros with the Platform 2 gardening tasks.img_20190112_113831

Steve decided bravely to burn off some more of the pine rubbish, stones, soil etc which had been dumped in a large pile.  The resulting conflagration was successful if somewhat smoky! Before:img_20190112_113720



However, I hope nobody was disturbed as the clouds were essentially blown in the Southam direction!

Unfortunately, Wiley and I were busy raking up barrowloads as fast (or faster) as Steve was burning them – leaving a clearer if somewhat bare bank!img_20190112_113919

All of which effort will keep up the progress to have Platform 2 as a potentially useful part of the Station rather than a liability.

At which point I leave you with a shot of wire in the barrow – if you stare hard enough you can make out a face! Salvador Dali surreal or am I just delusional after a morning’s exercise.