5 Jan – The Close Season

The close season for angling means the period when you can’t catch any fish and I suppose the close season for the GWSR means that you can’t catch any trains!

Hence the deserted platforms: trainless and passengerless.  And, after some graft by this morning’s volunteers, devoid of benches, bins and the other accoutrements of the active railway.  All stored away for maintenance or under cover from the elements.

Meanwhile my colleagues numbered about 10 with Bob and Ros, Dave T, Dave G, Andy B, Maurice, Ben, Wiley, John and Steve all in action on the programme of winter tasks. Some are hardy annuals (the jobs and the volunteers) whilst some reflect the current priorities.

So, after some heavy duty bench shifting, Ben and Wiley were raking where Platform 2 meets the slag-stone wall cum earth bank:img_20190105_113043img_20190105_113048img_20190105_113058img_20190105_113103

Frankly the edge of the platform can be a bit difficult to distinguish at times and, since it gets virtually no use as yet by passengers, we have greater priorities in the running season.  However, today was a chance to rake off, ditch the debris and retain the potentially useful elements.

‘Up top’ John was hard at work on carpentry (it being pretty much the close season for gardening as well as railways):img_20190105_115908

Here he was, I think, fettling the bottom of the main door to the staff office.

Inside Dave G and Andy B were consulting on electrical matters:img_20190105_115919

Only Andy could carry an extension cable like a six-shooter – he’s quick on the draw I guess.

Dave was sorting the compost heap, Bob was taking down the Christmas decorations and Ros doing some clearance on the P2 gardens.  Sadly, I didn’t work out what Steve and Maurice were about but I am sure it was very useful!

Only about 10 weeks and we can put it all back together again!

Pip, pip,