29 Dec – New Year Old Hut

There was a noticeable absence of volunteers this Saturday morning – despite quite reasonable weather.  Too much Christmas spirit or mince pies?  However, Dave G was Station Master, whilst others were busy with family commitments or seeking winter sun.  So it remained for just Steve, Ben, Mike, Andy M and myself to hold the fort.

There was good news to report down at thee hut end of Platform 2 – see below.20181229_123951


One side at least it is free from paint! Only the roof, the door and 2 other sides to go now!  Seriously though this has been real labour of love especially in recent weeks by Terry and today by Andy M (thanks for the photos).  Fingers crossed there will be a new coat of paint to refresh the appearance sometime in 2019!  Bill will be pleased.

Elsewhere, Steve was busy on the eternal round of maintenance, wheel fixing etc whilst Ben and I embarked on a new (or at least a new old) task.   We may be required to do some modest clearance at the very top of the Platform 1 embankment between the cleared area and our storage containers.  As such we decided to do some tidying and straightening!  Sadly (but not unusually) I forgot the before photos but here is the after:IMG_20181229_120239

Much improved – believe it or not!  And the results were: one dumpy bag of scrap wire:IMG_20181229_120245

One dumpy bag of general waste:IMG_20181229_120249

A much tidier work site and a general sense of satisfaction!  Anyway, we should now be able to see the wood for the trees if we are required to do any pruning back.

And by next Saturday another season will have drawn to a close.  Stand by for some bonfires!



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