8 Dec – Racecourse Christmas Spirits!

The Christmas spirits increase slowly week by week and so, it seems, does volunteer attendance at the Racecourse Station.  A full passenger load was apparent but the efficiencies of the ticket office staff and their elvish assistants in the car park seemed to make everything run smoothly.  And so it was on the tack with engines breezing in an out on a regular basis.  I noted that Dave G was head honcho on the Station Master front with a good quota of helpers elsewhere on the platform, in the shop and as always in the ticket office itself.  Customer satisfaction was assured or, if not it wasn’t for want of trying!  Well done all.

Meanwhile, lower down the food chain – so to speak – I spotted Dave T, Maurice, Colin, Bob, Steve, Dick, Ben, Andy and Mike – plus a small gang of visitors who, I think, were greasing the signal equipment and otherwise maintaining matters.

I did spot another ‘intruder’ on the far bank behind Platform 2:IMG_20181208_113908

Looks to me like an ent with an arm aloft – waving farewell to the 0940 perhaps!

Anyway, you might rightly  assume from the foreground that Ben and I were shifting  what our transatlantic cousins refer to as ‘pine straw’.  And here is the man himself filling the 430th dumpy bag of the season (or that’s what it feels like).  I dare say this afternoon’s gales will soon replace what we have cleared with another carpet.

As they say on the railway: ‘if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing 3 times’.

Steve was, not unusually,  fixing things but this week I claim a world premier:IMG_20181208_112042

He’s reading the instructions first!  Before trying to put together what I believe is a salt spreader – for the imminent (?) icy weather.

I took a rare trip into the ticket office – normally full but with all the web-purchased tickets slightly less frantic than usual – where there was excellent festive atmosphere.


Guess who’s behind the screen? No, it’s not Santa!

And here’s an action shot of our leader Dave T working hard on his piles again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t know why he’s so cheerful – bah humbug!

Only 4 trillion pine needles to Christmas.







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