1 Dec – Soggy Santa!

I couldn’t blame the majority of volunteers this morning for not turning up – it certainly was wet, wet and more wet.  However, a glimmer of brightness emerged by lunchtime and if we aged individuals were put off by the climate,  then the customers – young or old – were certainly not!IMG_20181201_120105

It could, of course, be that having bought your ticket, and wound up the children or grandchildren, you had little choice but to come along!  But, putting cynicism to one side, there was a great crowd in this morning to see the first Santa Specials and they seemed in great spirits.

Naturally, the engines were at the forefront in promoting the festive atmosphere and I think I spotted a dayglo elf in the car park too!

And look what was peeping up from the new hedge line on the Platform 1 embankment:IMG_20181201_104529

Not exactly Christmassy but a welcome sight in any case.

Most of our (Dave G, Bob, Steve, Ben and self) activities were aimed at preparing the  Station for the Specials and, given recent weather, there was plenty for the Billy Goat to get his teeth into.  Sadly some morsels proved a little too much and he had a slight bout of indigestion!  Luckily Steve was on hand to administer the mechanical equivalent of the appropriate tablets:IMG_20181201_102315

And lastly, if our workaday kit is a bit muddy and battered, I was struck by the comparison with the beautiful condition of the rolling stock:IMG_20181201_092703

A great credit to those behind the scenes who do so much to make the GWSR an impressive organisation.

More from the Winter Wonderland next week…..



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