24 Nov – Clearing Dave’s Piles (of pine needles)!

It looked – according to the weather forecast – as if we were in for a dull, wet and unpleasant morning at the Racecourse Station this morning.  The reality was a little better and there were a fair number of the crew present including at least: Dave G, Andy B, Bob, Terry, Paul, Mike, Ben, Wiley & Steve.

Christmas decorations were the main order of the day with anyone electrically ‘qualified’ being enlisted in preparation for the first (early!) ‘Christmas’ train service tomorrow (NB Santa Specials proper don’t start until next weekend).  So here’s a few of the technical workers:


This is Bob reaching for the lights not – as some might assume – a dodgy salute!

Elsewhere, Steve and Andy were busy too:IMG_20181124_104417

The same issues as in the domestic setting – just more lights!


Testing out the bigger ones.

Elsewhere, the pine straw team was expanded by one (a refugee from hut paint stripping – too cold and wet) to include self, Ben, Wiley and Terry.  We shifted another 12 Dumpy bags of needs and branches and here’s some of the action:

And, to explain the title of the blog, here are the piles of pine needles left behind by Dave T when using the leaf blower in previous weeks.IMG_20181124_114205

Looking forward to Advent.



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