10 Nov 18 – The Advent of Advent?!

The weather was nothing special on Saturday and the blog slightly delayed – due to one thing and another!  Anyway, a fair turnout of volunteers were scuttling around trying to make the place look respectable for the train services running next weekend (supporting a race meeting I believe).  And, given the current weather conditions, failure to keep the place at least reasonably tidy would mean that we would have to work doubly hard ahead of Santa Specials.  Here’s some of this weekend’s challenges:


After:IMG_20181110_101255Not perfect but respectable!

Elsewhere, the usual activities were ongoing and – one of those seasonal sights: Andy B and his box of bulbs. Gardening Andy?IMG_20181110_112944

No, not that sort, this sort:IMG_20181110_112955IMG_20181110_113002

Meanwhile there were mixed emotions in the tea break: pensive on this side…IMG_20181110_110733

and expansive on the other:IMG_20181110_110724

Hopefully, your normal blogmeister will be back in top condition by next weekend: best wishes to Bill.




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