27 Oct – Short and Sweet!

Just a short blog this week as I wasn’t at the Racecourse Station for very long.  It was, however, jolly busy both with train passengers and the fact that there was a race meeting (in the afternoon).  By the time I left (1100) I had spotted Ben, Wiley, Dave T, Dave G, Steve, Mary, Maurice and Colin.  Sadly I did have chance to record what they were all up to – but more of the same probably sums it up!

That said things were slightly different on this the final weekend of the ‘main season’.  First of all winter arrived with a biting nor’ easter to combine with the noticeable chill in the air.  Frost on Platform 1 was the first task of the day, though the Ticket Office looked very fine in the low winter sun:IMG_20181027_082800

After that a short stint of Billy Goating served to clear the P1 slope and platform of the accumulated leaves.

Elsewhere, the Forth Bridge might no longer need painting all the time but CRCS’s pine debris still needs raking.  I took a hand with Wiley and Ben to get some more of the endlessly tiresome task in hand:IMG_20181027_100158


Of course the precipitous nature of the Platform 2 embankment adds to the fun and it isn’t unusual to see a volunteer rolling down some of the slopes.  Luckily no-one has reached the track bed as yet – so Health & Safety can sleep easy! (Only joking.) Removing the debris piles will wait until we have passenger free weekends.

And that, as they say, is all I had time for this fine day.

Regards and hoping to generate a longer diatribe next week!




Just a minor oversight in Tim’s report – He missed the two brass monkeys refurbishing the hut on platform 2. Andy removed a goodly amount of the old paint and I fitted the original shelf that came with the Hut. Electric next and a little more fettling – oh joy!