20 Oct – Food and Drink!

An excellent turn out of volunteers this morning to meet the ravening hordes heading for the Food and Drink Festival at Toddington.  Just joking of course as it was, once again, delightful to see so many passengers filling the services on one of our last weekends of the ‘summer’ season.  And it still felt very like summer with warm sunshine once the autumnal mists had burned off.IMG_20181020_081936

It was also a busy day at Cheltenham Racecourse itself with major events taking place and packed car parks.  We were treated to a glorious sight of hot air balloon flying on, presumably, a near perfect day for it:IMG_20181020_093920and later….IMG_20181020_093928

Back at the workface I saw: Bill, Ben and Terry (shed men); Mike, Wylie, Mary, Ros and Colin (much general tidying and garden maintenance); Paul (a big shift with the billy-goat across the platforms); Dave T (raking down the debris) an Steve with a roving ‘fixit’ remit.  Meanwhile Bob  and I did some cable connecting along Platform 2’s subterranean tunnels so that the hut will now have power.

Here’s some of the action:

Meanwhile I spotted a splendid new timepiece in the staff office – shortly to adorn the Station no doubt.


……..and presumably to assist in making sure we run on time!  Here’s a couple of snaps of the today’s services:IMG_20181020_124144

(Never mind the trains – doesn’t that embankment look grand!)



Long may they continue (the weather and the GWSR obviously)!

Kind regards,











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