Autumn is Definitely Here!

With the regular Bloggers out of circulation  Dave T and Bob stepped up to the plate and to give there perspective on the mornings activities. There is some duplication but the report is no worse for that!


From Dave Tomlin:

Hi Bill

A little report for the blog – sorry, no pics again.

DaveG, DaveT, Mary, Steve, Maurice and Bob in attendance today and Ben was in the shop. The early gloom gave way to sunshine and warm temperatures but the wind was strong and gusty all morning. Steve, Mary and Maurice tackled the inevitable tree debris with billy goat or broom and barrow whilst DaveG preferred indoor work painting the worker’s room. Bob did some work on the frontage of the ticket office and then searched for mares tails on and picked litter off the track bed. Another huge pile of pine needles and other debris to try and burn on Monday – we covered it all with spare bulk bags to try and keep it dry until then.

DaveT assisted Steve to re-erect the Heras fencing around the picnic area where the new paling fence will soon be installed. Some panels had blown down across the signalman’s path, forcing him to find an alternative route to collect the train staff (platform 2 path and then across the track!). The other had blown down preventing usage of the disabled access. Additional bracing panels were fixed between the two fences and all left sturdy and secure.

A very pleasant surprise at tea break was a visit from our mate Mick Best. His daughter is on a visit from Australia and drove Mick over to share a cuppa, have a chat, and view progress on several projects.



From Bob Stark:

Dear Bill,
    A short summary of activity at the Racecourse Staion this morning which started wet and windy and ended in bright sunshine. Sometimes the forecasters get it spot on and today was one of these days. By 10am the team of stalwarts, Dave and Mary, Dave (G), Stephen, and Maurice were already hard at work undoing the unwelcome effects of storm Callum and getting the station working areas ready for our passengers. The first train out at 11am was again well filled – good news for our finance Director and for the infrastructure of the railway which is benefitting from the revenues resulting from the “Broadway Effect”
    Dave (G) was continuing his long and often interrupted task of repainting the mess room.
    In between he also found time to prime the first section of the exterior cladding that I managed to rub down between passengers entering the Ticket Office. Just two more to go on this section then we start the next three damaged sections! Volunteer painters and decorators please get in touch.
        At tea time we were delighted to welcome back Mick Best and his Daughter over from Oz for a short social visit. I advised Mick of the task list we have for him and he responded favourably, albeit with more treatment planned he sadly will not be able to join the working team for a while yet.
    Down on the platforms the little “ut” on Platform 2 was today quiet and not enjoying the usual crowd of restorers/admirers. I was pleased to note that the administration of the last spraying of the invasive Mares Tail has been successful, but suspect we have a way to go before we can call victory. I walked back up the trackbed adjacent to Platform 1 removing Ragwort plants from between the sleepers. It was interesting to note that there were very few in the area between the tracks, or on the Platform 2 trackbed. I wonder – does this indicate that the carriage sets are bringing the seeds into the station?
    On Platfrom 1 Dave(T) was cutting back some of the overhanging branches of the tree adjacent to the end of Platform 1 that has been stopping the gate opening. With this warm and unseasonal (for October) weather everything is still growing quickly, so plenty of tasks on the estate for coming days.