Yesterday at CRS – Getting the Needle(s)

A select band of 6 volunteers turned out yesterday, most with the intention of clearing up the pine needles  brought down by the storms of the previous week.


Here Stephen using the traditional method (rake and barrow) and Paul with the Billy Goat.  A determined effort eventually saw most of the needles on the bonfire pile.


Here Mary captures the final pile – a ‘guess the weight’ competition may have been in order but I’m not sure, after all the hard work, that anyone cared! It’s soul destroying that the next lot is  probably already on the ground today!

On the basis of out of sight, out of mind, I hid away in the line-side hut, pop riveting the new corrugated skirt in place.


At the rear you can just see the water service pipe which will supply an internal tap, primarily for watering on  platform 2 and, of course local cups of tea!

Trains were generally fuller today, with Foremarke Hall and P&O in steam. Here the latter is swathed in a clouds of steam and black smoke waiting patiently for some late comers to board.IMG_0680

Finally it pulls effortlessly away, heading northwards.


Tim should be back soon on Blog duty.



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