The GWSR ‘Day out with Thomas’ Swansong

It’s likely that this weekend’s ‘Day Out with Thomas’ event will be the last on the GWSR for the foreseeable future.  The ever increasing cost of putting  on the event,  regrettably now outweighs the returns. It was  noticeable also that the trains leaving Cheltenham were far from full – maybe another  sign of the times.

From a volunteers point of  view there was a good turn out, mainly pitching in to make the station and and surrounds neat and tidy for the  Thomas  Fan visitation. The double D’s (Dave T and Dave G) were on car park duty directing the traffic to the correct spot and many brooms and barrows were in evidence, with the occasional bit of leaning on the broom to take a breather. Stephen was using the brush cutter to good effect around the site. As an aside I have to say what an impressive job has been carried out by the tree surgeons in tackling the overhanging dead and wayward branches on Platform 2.   Apart from looking smart it will reduce the amount of tree debris on the platform and trackbed.

For my sins I carried on with the rebuild of the line side hut. Not quite to the Standard of the Repair Shop Team (what a brilliant programme this is on BBC 2 – 6.45 each evening) but satisfying nevertheless. I was ably supported by Terry who continued with the monotonous job of paint scraping.


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