8 Sep – Soggy Saturday!

Attendance was thin at the Racecourse Station yesterday (I wasn’t there and neither was Blogger Bill) but I have a short narrative report from Dave T

“I noted Bob and Ros, Mike John and self, plus Paul making his (very welcome!) first appearance for some time.  Andy Bint dropped in to deliver a replacement extension socket.  John tidied his tomato plants, etc and took away the umbrella stand to work on at home.  Bob and Ros were tidying their garden to make it an easier task for others to keep an eye whilst they’re on holiday.  Mike swept the laurel leave into piles and I did some car park attending, shop tidying and then, in between trains and at Dave G’s request, put the Billy Goat over the north end of Platform 1 – even moving the benches and dustbins in order to vacuum underneath!

There was a funny incident in the car park. Three Japanese ladies parked according to my instructions, then one of them leaned out the window and said they were lost and supposed to be going to Bath!  Staying in a hotel in Cheltenham they took the wring route out of town, saw the racecourse sign and decided to come in and have a look. They went down to the Platform to use the facilities, watched the first train leave and them promised to return for ‘Thomas’ next Saturday with some younger family members.


Back next week (or earlier) with some more news and photos.  Tim

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