01 Sep – Burning some Rubber!

There were unusual noises and a whiff of something other than coal and steam at the Racecourse Station this morning:  we (and our passengers) were ‘treated’ to a cacophony of sound and clouds of burning rubber.


These were not, as Bob suggested, passengers trying to make the 1105 departure for Broadway but some auto-sport event at the Racecourse itself. And, whilst my motto is live and let live plus great admiration for the drivers’ levels of skill, a more thoroughly unpleasant background for our services it would be difficult to imagine.

Ho hum, I expect all will be back to peace and tranquillity by next week (or even tomorrow hopefully).  So the assembled few plodded on with tasks only marginally varying from last week: tidying, gardening, major league strimming and shed fettling – featuring Steve, Bob & Ros, Andy, Terry, John, Bill, Mary, Mike and no doubt others who I couldn’t see for the blue haze!

Here’s a new angle on Bill plus shed:Picture1

The task of trying to remove 27 layers of hundred year old paint is clearly having an effect – hence the slightly manic gleam in the eyes! However, much progress was made in fitting more of the shed’s skirt – visible on the back wall at ground level.Picture9

Elsewhere, the growing conditions continue to be good for our vegetation – wanted and unwanted.


So the above can be carefully tended whilst below needs reduction:Picture6

At least the passengers got the chance to close the carriage doors an head off into the peaceful Gloucestershire countryside:Picture3

With grateful thanks and appreciation to Bob Stark for the loan of his excellent camera plus his work to edit and upload the pictures.



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