25 Aug – Dog Days of Summer?

I mused today on the origins of the Dog Days – only to conclude that this Saturday wasn’t one of them!  Or at least it didn’t fit the description of a hot lazy day in mid-summer.  In fact, first thing it was rather cool (9C by my car thermometer at 0745) and a quiet first half an hour allowed me to amble down to our Hunting Butts sidings/storage area.  Although it’s not exactly Barry Island there is something atmospheric about old rolling stock – a bit dog-eared and decaying ever so slowly but still majestic in scale. IMG_20180825_084908




Anyway, more prosaically, the volunteers were out in force by 0900 and I observed Dave T and Mary, Dave G, Andy M, Terry, Mike, Maurice, Ben, Bob & Ros, Steve, John and Colin – pretty much a full pack!

Today was also a red letter day in that B&S (now called something else which I haven’t caught up with) arrived plus truck to take away some of our detritus: most notably the old fence posts for Platform 1 bank and the associated wire.


Very well done gents – that’s tidied the dog’s breakfast up a bit.

They did also deliver a dozen Heras fence panels – for various purposes around the Station – so we were kept busy assisting and putting away (neatly).

Elsewhere, Mary, Colin and John gardened on P1 whilst Bob and Ros did similar on P2.  Steve and Bob were seen strimming, Dave G fettled the (new) gate to the car park, Dave T considered the design for a new canopy for the gents loo, Andy raked pine straw, Terry scraped paint off the hut, Ben moved stuff around as general dogsbody, Mike swept up and most importantly made the refreshments.   Dogged determination all round.

All was well at CRCS and from reading The Cornishman the railway as a whole continues to prosper.  I note from the latter publication that Broadway Station is to benefit from ‘footbridge steps and canopies’ so that the station will be ‘more aesthetically pleasing’.  Can’t be long before Cheltenham Racecourse Station gets the same treatment then – since, presumably, every dog has its day!?

Yours dog-tired and in the dog house,


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