11 Aug – Who stole the wheelbarrow?

There I was being helpful and responding to the email direction that someone needed to help Bob remove some fencing wire from the Platform 2 embankment.  So, diligently, I got a wheelbarrow plus some tools and beetled off with Bob to assist.  We spent and adventurous 20 minutes or so, scratched by brambles, torn by barbed wire and stung by wasps – but manfully transferred all the debris from bank to (unused) platform.  To save time and effort I thought I’d pop back and get my wheelbarrow to transport things back to bonfire and rubbish pile.  And there the wheelbarrow was, gone! Stolen by one of my co-workers and full of plant trimmings.


The guilty party!  (Just joking Ros!)

Helpfully, she suggested I could take it away (temporarily, of course) and why didn’t I dispose of the trimmings on the bonfire as well! It just goes to show that you can’t leave anything lying around at Racecourse Station – otherwise somebody borrows it!

Meanwhile, a whole team of volunteers pitched up to assist this morning including: Dave G, Mike, Steve, Bob, Terry, Colin, Ros, Maurice and 2 x Andys, plus other from the railway generally (carrying out track maintenance).  I didn’t catalogue everyone’s activities but the platforms were swept, the gardens maintained on both platforms and various other minor tasks accomplished.


All very necessary since we seem to be on almost maximum passenger loading with yet another special weekend (colloquially known as ‘rail and ale’ – see the sign on 2L05 above).  They were streaming in early (357 pax on yesterday’s first train out) and I don’t know what it’s like at the far end of the line but it is certainly busy this end.  We live in hope of the some of the revenue generated being spent on the Racecourse Station.

All of which means that most of our time is spent coping with the day-to-day and, in terms of progressing our projects, we are less active – things are beginning to wait for the ‘close season’.  However, our resident shed ‘ead, Bill has finished the door hanging and it now intent on fitting a mini-skirt (is the shed female – or perhaps it doesn’t matter these days?) of new corrugated sheet to back up the current, rather rusty, bottom 6″.


In parallel there is the considerable task of removing all the existing layers of paint and starting again from scratch – see you sometime around Christmas!








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