28 Jul – Diesel Fumes!

I knew there was too much complaining about the heat – resulting in a torrential downpours for parts of the Diesel Gala this weekend.  And spoiling our lovely clean platforms with pine needles, leaves etc.  Ah well, never mind, at least the aficionados didn’t seem bothered.  Here’s the apparent star of the show, IMG_20180728_114952Warship Class D832 ‘Onslaught’ with a tango-coloured train spotter (Bill) in hot pursuit!

And here are some more of the enthusiastic spectators at the end of P1:IMG_20180728_114854

So, whilst the punters were out in force, the volunteers were rather thinner on the ground – not least because it is holiday season and other tasks on the railway had prior calls on the faithful.  So it was left to yours truly, Maurice, Dave T (with Dave G as Station Master and Bob on ticket checking) – plus Bill when not spotting.

Notwithstanding the change in the weather the gardens required further watering and the vegetation trimming.  Here’s where Maurice was:IMG_20180728_104416Possibly he executed a great escape, running up the ladder and vaulting the hedge line?

Personally, I lubricated a padlock, checked Bill was not stuck in the shed and then bashed a few more tree stumps out.; here’s the evidence:

IMG_20180728_110416IMG_20180728_114749Stump 1  – Axe 0 (again).

And, as usual, my diggings threw up an odd object.  Some sort of knife, obviously, but with the handle comprising a series of rubber rings like washers or flat grommets.IMG_20180728_122222Curious and not, presumably, the typical railwayana.  One can only speculate as to how it came to be buried in the Platform 1 embankment – though I am open to suggestions!




One thought on “28 Jul – Diesel Fumes!

  1. Maybe the knife (dagger?) could be from the Roman conquest of Britain and be quite valuable…..You wish.
    Regards, Paul.


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