26 Jul – Warm Work

Just a short blog today – reflecting the fact that I stayed only for a couple of hours work.  In reality it was actually too hot to be doing manual labour outside for any longer than that, or at least it was too hot for to be doing it as an unpaid volunteer!  There was no shortage of passenger traffic however: 2 coach parties for the first train of the day and quite a full car park, so the Station staff were busy.

Personally, I was pursuing the long-term goal of a smooth vegetationless path from one end of the Platform 1 bank to the other.  I may be deluding myself but I think we’re making progress:


The blue pipe is not, contrary to appearances, bunting for the next festival but a hosepipe to keep the hedge plants going.

But, arguably more interestingly, there were a couple of ‘Time Team’ moments during my diggings.  First a skull:IMG_20180726_094746Fox or badger maybe?  About 15cm long and 6cm wide.

Secondly, a small round metal object with ‘perforations’ in a ring around the circumference.  Bemusingly, it looked familiar but I couldn’t place it.IMG_20180726_114031

Eventually, memories of long forgotten picnics re-surfaced and I realised that it could be a burner ring from a meths stove.  About 8cm diameter and judging by the amount of rust, cheap thin mild steel.  Any more plausible (railway?) suggestions would be welcome.

I would buy a metal detector but suspect I’d spend a lot of time unearthing barbed wire and old bolts!





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