20 Jul – Desert Rats!

Dave T was doing a little essential watering this morning:IMG_20180720_115400

Looking after our investment in the new hedge plants and, since Severn Trent haven’t (yet) imposed a hosepipe ban, all very sensible.

Meanwhile, a sizeable party were enjoying the ‘footplate’ etc experience on 7903:IMG_20180720_115352

They weren’t the only visitors as Dave and I dealt with no less than 5 sets of potential train travellers who thought, optimistically, that GWSR might be running trains.  Most apologised for disturbing us and gratefully accepted a timetable plus the invitation to come back when we were officially ‘open’. However, one couple were mildly offended that we didn’t run on Friday – the implication being: ‘How silly not to operate on a prime day at the height of the season’.  Food for Boardroom thought I am sure but we must, of course, be wary of the increased pressure on our volunteer workforce.

Talking of pressure the path-making activity took another small step forward today as I reached the level of the Klargester/Dig for Victory area.  Readers may notice the path has a small extension downhill (a spur perhaps!) to provide access to garden, though I suspect we will need some steps since it’s a bit of a steep drop!

I am left wondering whether the desert conditions make this sort of work easier or not – it’s certainly hot work but not much is growing part from the hardiest weeds.

More of the same tomorrow I expect!


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