7 Jul – Even Hotter Still!

Every one was in need of a drinks break this morning, not ignoring the engine 2807:IMG_20180707_115347

Certainly a warm one and not, I think, the occasion for very strenuous physical activity.  So no stump removal and a minimum of grass cutting – since frankly only a tidy was required as nothing much is growing if it isn’t watered or deep-rooted!  However, there was enough to keep Colin edge trimming and weed killing whilst Maurice neatened up the front hedge and Ros weeded on Platform 2 bank gardens.  Sadly, the dry weather doesn’t prevent a selection of pine needles and cones being present for Mike to remove.

IMG_20180707_115248 (2)Meanwhile a small team (self, Ben and Steve) were repairing the fence by the sentry hut – joining the paling structure to the spear point version.  Bill and Andy were working on the hut – which temporarily had a door that still fits (remarkably!) but needs a new bottom hinge bracket.IMG_20180707_113148I was struck by the solidity of the construction and noticed for the first time the maker’s plaque on the front.Samuel Taylor and Co Manufacturing – which, I am delighted to say, still exists so I feel deserves a plug: Samuel Taylor!  No doubt there will be a case for sanding down and re-painting in due course – we might contact the manufacturer and see if they want to sponsor us!?

Elsewhere John Leeson was busy pulling onions for Victory – like the spuds they are great when fresh from the soil and growing well, unlike the more water dependent plants.  On a less organic front Bob, doing his impression of the Alec Guinness as ‘The Man in the White Suit’, was spreading localised weed suppression:IMG_20180707_115841


Meanwhile, there was a massive effort by Steve brush cutting the Platform 2 embankment by the bridge – giving a strong impression of the real estate’s size and the consequently daunting task!  You can just see him in the first photograph, high up on the bank.

I may live to regret this remark but we could do with some rain!  Anyway, to the best of my knowledge, it’s not thus far affecting the train services:IMG_20180707_115418 (2)

Stay cool!



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