25 Jun – Phew What a Scorcher!

It hardly seems more  than a few weeks since the Racecourse Station was knee deep in snow, the platforms were icy, the track covered with winter debris and the whole operation in the deep freeze.  And here we are sweltering under desert conditions (well nearly) in stark contrast!

Another thing which is a stark contrast (sorry Bob) is the Platform 2 garden, developing slowly but steadily under Ros and Bob’s guidance.  Here’s the man himself plus some of the results:



Could do with some rain ideally.  However, it wasn’t all standing about with hosepipes and we conducted some further leak tracing – and now consider it time to hand over to a professional for what we hope will be a lasting cure.

Meanwhile, I had another fit of anger with a tree stump, having added the axe to my armoury of tools:IMG_20180623_100620

Above before and below after!


Sadly this one was so big I couldn’t lift it out of the hole even after I’d detached it from the roots. I could just dig down a bit more and bury it I suppose!!  Anyway, with the help of young, fit, able bodies next weekend I expect we’ll get it to the fire and I can concentrate on the next one.  Oh good!

Yours in the Gloucestershire Sahara,







One thought on “25 Jun – Phew What a Scorcher!

  1. Excellent pictures Tim.
    I am old enough to remember the beer allowances issued to drop forging workers (Shandy actually). Maybe you need a fund designed along the same lines (no pun), to be consumed after duty, of course! It would certainly go down well!
    Regards, Paul. AKA St Blazey 1925.


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