23 Jun: Astoni-shed!

Sorry, another weak pun to start off ‘Blog of the Week’.  A ‘Thomas’ weekend beckoned a slightly younger crowd of passengers than usual, though car parks didn’t seem as full as they would have been 12 months ago.  Perhaps we have grown used to the post-Broadway crush and don’t count it as a busy day unless it really is!

Anyway, there was no reduction in the age of the volunteers (!) with yours truly, Dave T, Maurice, Mike, Steve, Colin and Bill making up the Saturday shift.  Dave G was Station Master and Ben in the shop.  Gardens were fettled with some watering now proving necessary for pots and newly planted specimens; it’s certainly dry now up on the P1 bank:IMG_20180623_101327

However, our wild flowers seem unconcerned and continue to bloom in profusion:IMG_20180623_101255

In the same neck of the woods, Steve was strimming and Dave adopting a gentler pace of weed removal:

Elsewhere a small heavy team manoeuvred the shed roof into place and here are 2 of the proud ‘parents’:

Don’t, whatever you do, suggest that it looks like a bus shelter – or they’ll be very offended.  You might also have to wait along time for the next service.  It is of course, only a work in progress and needs 2 more sides (one with a ‘window’) and a door, plus layers of paintwork.  The hieroglyphics visible on the side are not primitive graffiti or ancient runes but indications of which way round the bits went – designed to assist us in reconstruction.  Someone, who will remain nameless, later admitted to painting over similar signs on the roof which might have saved some considerable angst and unbolting/re-bolting!

D6948 looked very much the part this morning – belying the diesel’s dodgy reputation in the Thomas narratives.


And there was much hard graft also on display in our guest volunteers on ticket collection and car parking supervsision – thanks gents!

And finally, we may have located the mysterious leak which has been trickling down the bank behind the ticket office – does it come from the mains supply on the other side?IMG_20180623_125014

Bet you can hardly wait for next week’s episode!

Kind regards,






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