Saturday 16th June – There’s a Mole in the Camp

Blog Meisters were in short supply yesterday, but Bob came to the rescue with this resume of the day.

Dear Bill,

Yesterday (Friday) Tim performed a human mole routine and left the embankment in the rear of our Ticket Office as a fair representation of a WW1 battlefield. All this energy expenditure was in support of an investigation into why water appears to be coming out of the embankment behind the Ticket Office. So far lots of theories, but no hard answers. The good news from Tim’s work is that our fears of a broken water supply, or soil pipe seem to be groundless, but as for the real culprit? – then we may need professional help.

Slim pickings for the blog today (Saturday) with many away on less active (?) pursuits, but a few notes to keep up interest in our activities.  Stephen was involved in other local activities today, but made an early trip to the station to resolve “comfort” issues with the seats in the “Ladies” on Platform 1 – thanks Stephen.
Mike with suport from Terry continued the never ending tasks of keeping the pine needles at bay and weed control.
Dave continued his epic and time consuming paint job on the telephone box. As yet he is ONLY at the undercoat level – he will have to do it all over again with the top coat!
IMG_0398 2
Ros continued the task of filling the spaces in the garden bed on platform 2 with new plants from our garden and greenhouse and Bob completed (well almost) the repair and repainting of the 1 section of the lower woodwork of the Ticket Office adjacent to the worker’s room door that remained “Work In Progress”. There is only another 20 plus to do!
IMG_0400 2

John started to reap the rewards from digging for victory and tonight we will enjoy some of his organic leeks and broad beans. As a measure of our thanks I can tell him that the lights in his gardening “POD” are now working again.

Bob Stark

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