9 Jun – Summer’s here!


There a distinctly summery feel about today at the Racecourse – warm, dry and pleasant for travelling (if a little warm for physical activity).  So a typical day – one hopes – for the season though a little rain is always welcome (at night, preferably!).

And if the weather was pleasant then so were the conditions – enough passengers to fill the car park but not too many to harass the staff!  Lots of spare seats, a nice range of engines to admire and the service running on time (as far as I could tell!).  So the crowd of admirers could take their time and get all the photos they wanted talk to the crew, whilst the volunteers basked in reflected glory.

And these included Bob and Ros, Dave T, Steve, Terry, Bill, Andy M, Andy B, Ben, Paul, Mike and Colin.  I made no detailed record of their activities but observed the usual range of maintenance and gardening.  It is moot point as to whether we are running to stand still as far as the Station is concerned or getting the place – year by year – in better shape.  Perhaps it takes someone one looking in from the side-lines to advise on that issue?IMG_20180609_123447

Great to see Paul back and making a much more professional job of the grass cutting than his temporary stand in (yours truly!).

Anyway, I can say that there is no let up in keeping the estate ‘in check’ or certainly not at this time of year.IMG_20180609_123256

Here’s Andy B illustrating the advantages of the cordless electric strimmer at the side of slope down to Platform 1.

And Ben grinning (possibly with relief) having removed another large hawthorn stump from P1 bank:

IMG_20180609_120955 (2)

IMG_20180609_121648Bob and Ros in the distance with their special blend of wild and cultivated flowers on P2.

Looking the other way things are a bit less rosy and I think a sweep of the old station buildings’ bases is required on Monday:IMG_20180609_121637

Historically interesting perhaps but one can only do so much with the bases of 1905 urinals!


And finally a departing train ……………

Yours, hoping we can keep up the good work,


One thought on “9 Jun – Summer’s here!

  1. You are definitely going forwards. We the armchair watchers CAN tell. Your efforts are not only eagerly awaited for us to see but are deeply appreciated.
    Now. The subject of the station building on P2. There is only one way to make the ‘Time Team’ style foundations look better, and that is to rebuild the shelter, maybe in wood, as that is cheaper and easier to work with. Perhaps (to save doing the plumbing work), just as a waiting shelter. Then the area would be so much easier on the eye and to keep clean.
    Regards, Paul. AKA St Blazey 1925.


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