4 Jun – On Platform 2 where the poppies grow!

A short inject today as I didn’t overlap much with anyone else at the Racecourse Station – so no pictures of people.  However, it was a quiet train and passenger free morning, which is not to say that I don’t appreciate both, but I suspect there is a small part of each member of the volunteer team which looks forward to be able to get on with some work undisturbed.
As such I took myself off to Platform 2 – to finish painting the GWR shed which we are planning to use for shelter and storage at the Signal Box end of the platform.  Much work has gone in to making it straight and true so a decent coat of Hammerite Black was required (well it was what we had in the paint store, the only alternative being ‘Hammered Gold’ which I thought perhaps we should save for the roof!).


Looking Good!

A short walk down the platform revealed a handsome stand of poppies swaying delicately in the Gloucestershire breeze:IMG_20180604_085919

Sadly that work didn’t take more than an hour and I had to return to the slave labour of stump excavation.


Tedious but, as usual it seems, I uncovered something odd:

Looks like a thigh bone to me but from what?  About a foot long with hinge (‘knee’) joint at one end.  Answers gratefully received – Time Team here we come?




2 thoughts on “4 Jun – On Platform 2 where the poppies grow!

  1. Could the bone be the remains of the last (BR) staff member who missed the last train?
    Regards, Paul. AKA StBlazey 1925.


  2. Although the flowers shown seem to be a cultivated variety, I’m sure they share the propensity of all Poppies to produce a large seed-head, which, when ripe, explodes, scattering seeds all around. Perhaps they’re called ‘Poppies’ because they pop-up for years if left to it! So, either tie a bag around the head when the petals fall, or expect offspring for a long while to come! Tony K.


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