Cotswold Festival of Steam


The annual GWSR Festival of Steam has drawn to a close for another year and many agree it was the best yet! If you measure success by visitor numbers or just smiling faces it has to be in the top rank of GWSR events.

The visitor numbers on Saturday were tremendous – I have never seen the  Racecourse Car Park so full.  I think this was boosted by the good  Saturday weather forecast, but even thundery downpours  on Sunday did not deter the diehard enthusiasts.


It was great to see Platform 2 in use, both by enthusiasts and trains. Roll on the time when the station  has a   P2 shelter, and a footbridge spanning the tracks so that this can be a more frequent occurrence!

Of course there were many loco “stars’ of the show, which were helping to draw the crowds in. Not least of these was the presence of King Edward II. Presence is the mot juste – it is so large and grand. That said I’m still not sure about the blue colour!




Not withstanding the presence of a King the  prior arrival of Britannia Class  Oliver Cromwell set a few pulses racing. This 1951 British Railways loco, now heading for retirement,  looked resplendent.


Here running around its train on Monday afternoon train:-


The orchestrated running around of the locos would have been the envy of Strictly Come Dancing!


The finale of the day was stalwart Dinmore Manor double heading with the King –  a sight for sore train enthusiasts eyes!


There will be more CFOS action to see on the other blogs so please seek it out. Finally a sincere thank you to all the effort that went into the preparation and running of the Festival.  It is no mean feat and was enjoyed by one and all.



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