19 May: Amazing Shed!

With Dave T away we were left a clear set of instructions regarding important jobs needing to be done, some maintenance and some in preparation for next week’s Steam Gala.    Dave G was giving the orders, Bob & Ros were ‘gardening’ behind Platform 2, John was vegetating (!), Mike sweeping and edging, Colin was weed killing on the track bed and the ‘A Team’  (Bill, Terry, Wylie, Ben and yours truly) were shed fixing.

And so preoccupied was I with getting the shed through it’s difficult resurrection that I forgot to take any pictures of anyone else.  So, unless I receive images from others, this week will be confined to a short burst of shedmania.  Here is the work in progress:

You can tell who the gaffer is – the one in the peaked cap with the air of authority.  So we lifted and pushed, we bolted and hammered, we angle ground and drilled……until finally we managed to get the Amazing Shed upright (roughly) and temporarily in place on its base:IMG_20180519_124849

Any thoughts that it might not be quite straight are probably due to the distortion of the camera lens (spherical aberrations!) rather than dodgy workmanship!

At least it won’t, I am fairly sure, blow away!  And the water supply and electricity are laid on waiting to turn it into another Racecourse Station ‘des res’ – might just get a single bed in there I imagine.  Can’t  wait to hear the estate agent’s blurb!


PS: I did get some more images – from the Shed team!!


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