18 May – Another one bites the dust!

A short note on the morning’s activities.  I did a bit of lawn cutting outside the ticket office and then cut some more of the bank – which can now be mown – though it is something short of bowling green standard!IMG_20180518_111626

Elsewhere, I failed (as usual) to capture Dave G painting but did spot Bob (& Ros) sign fixing (as usual):

A smart new one (sorry for the pun)

More strangely, a train appeared with seemingly no genuine passengers but a drone .  Now there are often a number of drones at the Racecourse Station (people talking about their illnesses for instance!) but this one was quite unusual – hovering a couple of hundred of feet above the steam engine.  Some PR footage being gathered I assume.

I did a fair stint of stump bashing:IMG_20180518_113016…….but am beginning to think that there are more stumps to remove than I have energy left!

Elsewhere, Mary was busy planting up some rather nice tubs – out with the Spring stuff, and in with the Summer:IMG_20180518_111357

Now it was pretty sunny and hot so I though it a good excuse to wear one of the excellent sun hats brought back from Australian by Mick Best:

Good piece of kit!

And the big news of the week: the ‘des res’ is occupied!  Look at this photo closely:IMG_20180518_120623

On the level of the bird box about 2 feet to the left you’ll see a blur of wings and that’s a blue tit, one of a couple who are busy nest building!  Hurrah!!  That’s the best capture I could manage from some fast flying avians.   Further reports on progress as the breeding season develops.

Best wishes,


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